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CFO Services

CFO Services
Create & Protect Value

  • Oversee Controllership & Governance

  • Monitor FPA & Business performance

  • Partner in Business Restructuring & M&A

  • Manage Treasury & Debt Restructuring

  • Provide Investment Support services

  • Support in key decision-making through a decision support system  

  • Drive initiatives for Business & Operating Excellence

Risk Advisory Services

Risk Advisory Services
Value is a function of Risk & Return

  • Establish/Improve Corporate Governance  processes

  • Design & oversee Risk Management Program

  • Monitor the internal control framework

  • Assist Advisory Board & BOD

  • Manage / advise Compliance Management process

Investment Advisory Services
Manage Money

  • Evaluate the funding requirements

  • Arrange Equity, Project and Working capital finance

  • Ensure successful transaction closure 

Investment Advisory Services
Startup Consulting

Startup Consulting & Advisory
Advice & Support

  • Support with business modeling 

  • Get the business 'investor ready' with investor presentations  

  • Support in due diligence and business validations

Resolution Services for Stressed Assets
Maximize Asset Values

  • Assist banks / NBFCs / ARCs in dispute resolutions

  • Assist in Debt re-structuring through innovative solutions

  • Maximize value realization for assets

  • Arrange for asset financing

Resolution Services for Stresse Assets

Organization & People development
Applied learning for development & growth

  • Enhance finance and commercial acument 

  • Instill strategic & visionary thinking in SME

  • Coach on soft skills, values and ethics

  • Play a supportive role in Objective setting & strategy finalization

Organization & People development
Individual Financial Awareness

Individual Financial Wellness
Improve "Money" knowledge in people

  • Enhance awareness on financial wellness for 'Financially happy life'  

  • Support professional in their investment and wellness journey

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